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The Detering Company owes much to its humble beginnings. In 1871, Herman Eberhardt (H.E.) Detering immigrated to the United States from Germany. In pursuit of the American dream, H.E. Detering opened a general store on Washington Avenue in the 1880’s, as well as a concrete tile company and a broom factory. The Detering Family has lived and worked on the original site, since that day.

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Following in the entrepreneurial footsteps of his father, Carl Detering opened The Detering Company in 1926, and was joined shortly thereafter by his brother Herman. In its earliest days, The Detering Company was a brick company that very literally helped to build the city. The brothers made daily trips to the Port of Houston to buy bricks from the ballasts of ships and sell them to others to help pave the roads of Houston. After World War II, The Detering Company continued selling essential construction supplies to builders, contributing heavily to one of Houston’s greatest construction eras.

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Carl Detering, the founder of The Detering Company, proudly passed the baton to his son, Carl Detering, Jr., who took over the role of president of the company.

Honoring the legacy of his father and grandfather, Carl Detering, Jr. worked hard to grow the family business and to supply Houston with the highest quality building materials and supplies available

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In March 2015, The Detering Company closed the doors on its Washington Avenue location. With the company’s remarkable growth and expansion came the need to relocate.

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The Detering Company is a third generation family-owned and operated business. It is owned and run by Carl Detering, Jr. with the help of his son Carlos and daughter Cassie.


The new location on Helmers Street is an exciting new chapter in the Detering story, and will allow Detering to continue a building tradition of providing high quality craftsmanship and superior service to its customers.