About Us

The Detering Company is a family-owned and operated building materials business, serving Houston since 1926.   Detering carries a full range of high quality building materials to meet the needs of your custom home or remodeling project.


The Detering Company

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Our Mission

Right and on time, every time.


To be recognized as the number one supplier of millwork, brick and stone, windows and cabinets to the custom builder in and around Houston.

The Detering Company

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"Walk the Walk"

Be disciplined, work hard, be pro-active and show a sense of urgency.

"Talk the Talk"

Passion, Compassion, Honesty, Integrity

"The Orange Way"

Treat others with respect, be flexible, show loyalty to the company and be part of our family.

"Play to Win"

Accuracy, Excellence, Desire to be the Best, Celebrate Success


The Detering team has been helping customers finish homes since 1926. Our high-quality building supplies, extensive services and knowledgeable team can support your project every step of your project. Get to know our experienced staff who are committed to the success of your build or remodel.


The Detering Company owes much to its humble beginnings. In 1871, Herman Eberhardt (H.E.) Detering immigrated to the United States from Germany. In pursuit of the American dream, H.E. Detering opened a general store on Washington Avenue in the 1880’s, as well as a concrete tile company and a broom factory.